Your Posture:

From sitting in traffic, slouching at your desk, to hunching over your phone, or playing video games, it seems everything you do in life is forward, forward, forward. No wonder your spine eventually migrates this way. But poor posture & associated back pain does NOT have to be a fact of life or 'rite of passage' from getting older. Fact is, the exact same misaligned postural muscles that are currently drawing your spine forward can be retrained, with targeted exercise, to bring your spine back into proper alignment; and the weakened back muscles from a mostly sedentary lifestyle can, of course, be strengthened to further support your spine.


Why Most Back Pain Cures Don't Work:

Chances are you've already spent time, money & hope on back pain cures that didn't work & there's a reason for that: most back pain cures treat symptoms - not the cause (poor posture).

Pain Relief Pills, Rubs & Ointments: Dull the nerves to temporarily relieve pain but don't correct posture.
Posture Vests/Straps/Shirts: Temporarily align postural muscles while being worn but don't permanently rebalance posture muscles, which make you reliant on them to achieve good posture.
Back Belts/Braces: Provide extra support for the lower back while being worn but ultimately make back muscles weaker, like what happens to muscles after a cast is taken off.
Inversion Tables: Decompress the spine but don't realign postural muscles. Bad posture is the main reason the spine needs to be stretched/decompressed in the first place.

If your boat was sinking, would you waste precious time mopping up water -or- quickly plug the hole to stop the leak? This same principle applies to your back pain when you treat the symptoms (water on the floor), instead of the cause (the hole in the bottom of the boat). The BODY-ALINE is the first exercise machine specifically designed to treat the cause of most back pain by strengthening your back & realigning your spine in one simple motion. You can use it in your home or office when it's convenient for you AND it requires the least amount time/effort compared to any other back & posture solution.

Why Choose BODY-ALINE?

There are thousands of back pain solutions claiming to cure you in a variety of different ways. But, surprisingly, so few of these so-called solutions actually treat the known root cause of most chronic back pain: poor posture. Then, of the limited amount of back pain products that actually address posture, you'll find the BODY-ALINE is the ONLY one that permanently corrects posture through targeted stretching & strengthening in one simple motion. The back & posture floor exercise routines prescribed by doctors and offered in books & video do work. However, they require 45-60 minutes/week & perfect technique. The BODY-ALINE only requires 1-2 minutes/day and all you do is sit-down, lean back & rotate your arms. That's it!

The BODY-ALINE is the fastest & most convenient back strengthener & posture corrector in the world (and the ONLY one that comes with a TRUE risk free trial).

Why get on the floor to realign your spine & strengthen your back when a machine can do it for you in a fraction of the time?  If you're going to do one thing for overall body health & wellness, this is it.

I have been using the Body-Aline since I received it at the beginning of the year... I am happy with it!
- Dilmus Bennett (Lilburn, GA)


  1. The BODY-ALINE is truly one of a kind. There is NOTHING else like it & this is the ONLY place you can get it with a ZERO-RISK 30 day trial (we are the manufacturer).
  2. Now you can treat the proven root cause of most back pain in the comfort of your home or office, in just minutes a day, when its convenient for you; without having to change clothes, get on the floor, or even break a sweat. The BODY-ALINE is a total time saver.
  3. If not corrected, poor posture ONLY gets worse over time & becomes even more difficult to reverse. Plus, the longer you wait to correct it, the greater your chances of incurring even more severe & complicated back problems. The time to act was yesterday.
  4. Since it treats root cause, this could very well be the last back pain product or treatment you'll ever have to invest time & money in. By positioning your spine in proper alignment, and giving it the support it needs, you CAN expect the pain to go away because you'll finally be treating root cause!
  5. It's a TRUE risk-free trial, in which you will have paid absolutely NOTHING to try it if you're not satisfied. You, quite literally, have NOTHING to lose but your pain. So what are you waiting for?


    I bought the Body-Aline machine this past Christmas for my son. He loves the machine and his posture and back are better than they have been for as long as he can remember. He uses the machine 2-3 times daily.
    - Carl Kirschbaum (Pittsburgh, PA)

    Plus.. Doesn't Good Posture Look Great?

    Notice the natural chest & rear lift, along with the newly confident shoulders, tighter chin & flattened tummy!
    BeforeAfterposture-Floor-Back-Strengthening-Exercises How you look also affects how you feel & few things have more of a dramatic impact on your total appearance than posture. Not only does perfect posture immediately make you look taller & slimmer, it radiates more youthfulness, elegance & confidence. How would you like others to perceive you? As weak, haggard, sloppy and mopey -or- strong, graceful and confident? Which creates a better first impression on a job interview or first date? What kind of profile do you want your life partner to constantly see, slouchy or upright? The choice is truly yours. Not everyone can have 6 pack abs but everyone can have great posture!


    Think About It...
    There are Very Few Things That Make You Look OLDER Faster Than Having Bad Posture.



      • Relieves joint pain (a misaligned spine affects more than just the back & neck).
      • Reduces symptoms of degenerative bone & joint diseases like osteoarthritis & osteoporosis (by minimizing stress on skeletal structure).
      • Helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
      • Improves circulation & digestion (like removing the kinks from a waterhose).
      • Assures optimal neural & vital organ function (all nerves connect to the spine - they can be impinged by misaligned vertabrae).
      • Reduces the risk of having a sudden spine-related injury (stronger back muscles act as cushion/shock absorber for your spine).
      • Accelerates recovery after back surgery (exercise always promotes faster healing).

    NEW! CELL PHONE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL - Rick Grainger, owner of NAPA (Whittier, CA):


    "As a nurse, I observed a vast majority of my patients suffering from conditions that could have easily been prevented with minimal effort & knowledge. I also realized that providing people with the necessary tools to be proactive about their health is the best medicine of all, which became my inspiration for bringing the BODY-ALINE to the world. It gives nearly everyone the opportunity to take control of their back health because it treats the root cause of most pain in a fast, simple and convenient way."
    ~Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)






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