For Medical Professionals...

The BODY-ALINE is a proven billable medical procedure.

If you are a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or a licensed medical practitioner of any kind interested in administering the BODY-ALINE treatment within your office or clinic, then you should know you can successfully bill your patients' insurance providers under the following insurance codes (and expect consistent payouts):

#97110 : Therapeutic Exercise

#97112 : Neuromuscular Reeducation

#97530 : Therapeutic Activities

* Professional dealer pricing is available when ordering 3 or more units. Contact us to learn more.

The BODY-ALINE treatment offers the best of both worlds. I simply train the patient once and they use it each visit. It provides a billable procedure that is a must-have for any practice. My patients love it and I love it too. - Dr. Chris Williams, Advanced Chiropractic (Tampa, FL)

If you're paid the minimum amount of reimbursement, and 50 treatments are performed per week, the return on your investment is approximately 1 week. Also, the BODY-ALINE treatment has wide-scale applicability considering most patients exhibit some degree of postural abnormality, even those who are asymptomatic.


The BODY-ALINE treatment provides symptomatic pain relief for patients with a back pain diagnosis, along with the following conditions associated with a back pain diagnosis due to weakened back muscles & spinal misalignment:

  1. Disc Injury
  2. Whiplash, "CAD"
  3. Cervical Radiculopathy
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Myalgia in cervical spine & shoulders
  6. Muscle tension in muscles of the neck, shoulders & back causing chronic pain & stiffness
  7. Over-use syndromes
  8. Beginning Stage Dowager's Hump


Do not use if patient has severe osteoporosis, cancer of the bone or metastatic cancer, congenital spine deformity, instability or fracture of the spine, worsening of any pain or condition, spinal cord injury, or any severe discomfort while performing exercise movement.

I have often been frustrated with postural issues. I guess I love your machine so much because I use it & it works for me.
- Dr. Don Schmidt, Ottawa Chiropractic (Ottawa, OH)


Click on the image for medical & anatomical illustrations along with a technical explanation of BODY-ALINE's rehabilitative exercise premise & function.

NEW! CELL PHONE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL - Dr. Neal Blaxberg, retired chiropractor of 30 years & current life coach/owner of Coaching with Dr. Neal (Baltimore, MD):

"The evolutionary BODY-ALINE should be an integral part of any medical practice that routinely treats patients with back pain. Very few therapeutic modalities provide the immediate results & instant gratification, in as little as one session, quite like the BODY-ALINE. Patients will not only instantly feel better, they'll also appreciate your sensible proactive approach. The BODY-ALINE treatment, when combined with your own, further assures that your patients will walk out your door standing taller, with their back feeling much better, than when they came in. Plus, you & your staff can use it too! It's always better to practice what you preach."




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