If our rehab machine can't cure your back pain, we'll refund your money & pay return shipping!

Strengthens Your Back & Realigns Posture in One Easy Motion!

Did you know...

More than 80% of neck & back problems are a result of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture. - Duke Orthopaedics

If poor posture is the root cause of most chronic back pain, doesn't it make sense to fix your posture first? Well now you can.

The BODY-ALINE is the first exercise machine specifically designed to strengthen back muscles & realign the spine in one simple motion. It treats the source of most chronic back pain better & faster than anything else.

Don't make it complicated. A stronger back & good posture takes pressure off your spine to relieve the pain. It's just that simple. If you slouch & are considering back pain treatments that don't correct spinal misalignment, then you're most likely going to continue suffering.

Did you just sit up straighter? That's your body telling you something...

  • Strengthens Back Muscles
  • Corrects Poor Posture
  • Roller Massages the Spine
  • Relieves Back Pain & Pressure
  • Starts Working Immediately
  • Requires Only 1-2 mins/day

"The BODY-ALINE treats the cause, not just symptoms. Other options like pills, belts, braces & rubs are only band-aids temporarily masking the real problem. Why waste your time & money on gimmick back pain solutions that don't treat root cause?"

- Robert Gearhart Jr., RN (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)

Poor posture is the proven root cause of most back pain but there hasn't been an easy way to correct it until now!

Have you tried other back pain remedies?

Did they strengthen your back & realign your posture?

No wonder your still in pain.

87% of BODY-ALINE users surveyed reported satisfactory body realignment (good posture) & significant back pain relief in the first 4 weeks! We invite you to experience these results for yourself. In fact, we guarantee it. The BODY-ALINE is the only back pain cure in the world with a TRUE risk-free trial. Everyone else makes you pay return shipping - that's not risk free.

Thanks to your product, I now stand more erect & have much less low back discomfort. Thank you!
-Greg Nemecek, President of Gasko Fabricated Products (Medina, OH)

Much like a car your body was meant to function optimally while in proper alignment. When misalignment occurs (as in poor posture), your spine is forced to work in an unnatural way against the constant downward force of gravity. This results in increased pressure on nerves & discs, along with muscular ache & strain because your back muscles have to work harder just to keep you upright & functioning. Spinal misalignment also predisposes you to sudden injury, which explains why, often times, a simple lift & twist can be just enough to put you in agony & out of commission. Consistent use of the BODY-ALINE realigns your spine (posture correction) & provides the extra support your spine needs (back strengthening) to alleviate the unnatural stress on nerves & discs, while relieving muscle tension. Plus, you get a soothing spinal massage.

Treat the cause of most back pain when it's convenient for you!

The BODY-ALINE makes perfect biomechanical sense & is the best approach to back pain I've seen yet. -Dr. Eliot Edwards, Naturopathic Physician & Former VP of The NY Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Do the research & you'll find the BODY-ALINE to be the best guaranteed back pain solution in the world. We're the ONLY company who stands behind our back pain cure 100% with a true ZERO-RISK 30 day trial. No one else dares to match our guarantee - because they can't. This machine really works. Your job is to use it. Strengthening your back & realigning your spine with the BODY-ALINE is the sensible approach that should be the FIRST step on your road to recovery. If you find yourself in denial that poor posture is to blame for your pain, then ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Are you/were you slouching while reading this?

2. Do you you know anybody with really good posture who constantly complains of back pain?

3. Think of everyone you know who complains of back pain. Do they also have bad posture?

Your answers should be all the proof you need to be convinced the BODY-ALINE is worth a try.








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