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Since poor posture is the root cause of most back pain, doesn't it make sense to fix your posture first?

The BODY-ALINE back & posture exercise machine treats root cause in minutes/day with one easy motion.

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> Strengthens Back Muscles

> Corrects Poor Posture

> Foam Roller Massages the Spine

> Relieves Back Pain & Pressure

> Starts Working Immediately

> Requires Only 1-2 mins/day

> Accommodates All Shapes & Sizes

> Safe & Effective for ages 12 & up

Poor posture is the proven root cause of most back pain but
there hasn't been an easy way to correct it until now!


Have you tried other back pain remedies?

Did they strengthen your back & realign your posture?

No wonder your still in pain.

87% of BODY-ALINE customers surveyed reported satisfactory body realignment (good posture) & significant pain relief in the first 4 weeks! Even those with severe back pain. We invite you to experience these results for yourself. In fact, we guarantee it.


The BODY-ALINE is the Common Sense Approach to Chronic Back Pain!


Constant slouching creates an imbalance in postural muscles that draws the spine forward. Once this imbalance 'sets-in' it's nearly impossible to reverse by willpower alone because you've lost 'postural awareness.' In other words, bad posture begins to feel very comfortable to you, that is, until the pain starts. After it sets-in, the only way to permanently correct poor posture is by retraining your musculature. The BODY-ALINE combines 3 highly targeted stretching & strengthening posture exercises into one motion to rebalance your muscles. This is called "Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation" because it retrains your body to go in the exact opposite direction (or mirror image) of a slouch to permanently reverse the muscular imbalance that causes poor posture.


As you begin the motion, you'll feel a gentle stretching along the front of your chest & shoulders from the arm rotation (posture correction). Then, while leaning back, there is a tightening in your low back muscles as they contract against resistance (back strengthening), while
at the same time, a foam back roller travels up and down your spine (massage). Then, upon exiting the machine, you'll immediately stand taller & feel less pressure in
your back. This occurs after every use!


There are thousands of chronic back pain products & treatments that claim to cure you in a variety of different ways. But so few of these products & treatments actually address the proven root cause of most chronic back pain: poor posture; and of the ones that do treat poor posture NONE of them do it in one simple motion in just minutes
a day. The BODY-ALINE is the fastest & most convenient back strengthener & posture corrector on the market. We invite you to do the research & you'll find this to be true.

Say Goodbye... to those doctor-prescribed posture & back pain floor exercises because you'll NEVER have to get on the floor or break a sweat for a healthy back again!


Doesn't Great Posture Look Good?

How you look also affects how you feel & few things have more of a dramatic impact on your appearance than posture.

Not only does good posture immediately make you look younger, taller & slimmer
but it radiates more confidence.

How would you like others to perceive you?
As weak, haggard, sloppy and mopey -or- strong, graceful and confident?

The choice is really yours.

Plus NOTHING Makes You Look Older Faster Than Having Poor Posture!



1. The BODY-ALINE is the first exercise machine ever developed that simultaneously strengthens your back & realigns postural muscles in one simple motion.

2. It enables you to treat the root cause of most chronic back pain (poor posture) in the comfort of your home, gym, or office in just minutes/day when its convenient for you!

3. It's used & prescribed by Doctors worldwide for the treatment of back pain & is now available without prescription.

4. Because it treats root cause in one simple motion, it represents the fastest & most sensible approach to curing most common types of back pain on the market today.

5. It's the ONLY back pain cure that comes w/ a true risk free trial, in which you pay absolutely NOTHING if it don't work.


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"As a nurse, I observed a vast majority of my patients suffering from conditions that could have easily been prevented with minimal effort & knowledge. I also realized that providing people with the necessary tools to be proactive about their health is the best medicine of all, which became my inspiration for bringing the BODY-ALINE to the world. It gives nearly everyone the opportunity to take control of their back health because it treats the root cause of most pain in a fast, simple and convenient way."
- Robert Gearhart R.N. (BODY-ALINE Co-Inventor)


Professional Endorsements & Customer Testimonials:

“Proper spinal alignment is essential for good health. The BODY-ALINE makes perfect bio-mechanical sense and is the most common sense approach to back pain I’ve seen yet. Anyone with poor posture & back pain can benefit from it.”

-Dr. Eliot Edwards, Naturopathic Physician, Former Vice President of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (New York, NY)

“I’ve been practicing chiropractic for 18 years & I’ve never seen a machine that corrects posture and strengthens spine muscles in one easy motion. I don’t hesitate to recommend the BODY-ALINE to anyone.”

- Dr. Christopher Szpila, Integrated Health Pros (Wood Dale, IL)

“The BODY-ALINE treatment is a must have for any practice. My patients love it & I love it too!”

- Dr. Chris Williams, Advanced Chiropractic (Tampa, FL)

“The BODY-ALINE is one of the best designed and well-constructed health equipment innovations I’ve seen in a very long time.”

- Paul Berman, Owner T2 Design, Featured on ‘American Inventor’ (Los Angeles, CA)

“I have numerous tools to work on backs & necks but have often been frustrated with postural issues. I guess I love this machine so much because I use it & it works for me.”

- Dr. Don Schmidt, Ottawa Chiropractic (Ottawa, OH)

“Thank you for your tremendous assistance & kindness. I’m very grateful & appreciate your ‘extras’ in encouraging me to be consistently motivated when I use the machine to help correct my decades-old posture. Because of you, I’m straightening out my life… ahem, that is my back. I love the BODY-ALINE machine!”

- Dr. David Fuchs, Retired Professor (Lansdowne, VA)

“We spend a lot of time hunched over our patients so I purchased a BODY-ALINE for myself & my staff to promote good posture & prolong our careers. It’s quick, easy, fun and best of all… doesn’t take up much space.”

- Dr. John Crawford, Orthodontist Crawford Orthodontics (Kenosha, WI)

“I’ve had 2 surgeries on my back involving herniated discs & stenosis over the past 20 years. I purchased the BODY-ALINE after the 2nd surgery & after a few weeks of using the product I’ve developed a stronger core, I stand more erect & have noticed less low back discomfort.”

- Greg Nemecek, President of Glasco Products (Medinah, OH)

“The BODY-ALINE is a one-of-a-kind piece of exercise equipment that helps you strengthen your back while providing a nice safe effective stretch of your chest and shoulder muscles.”

-John Gearhart, Physical Therapist

“The BODY-ALINE back exercise machine allows you to reverse all the forward stress placed on your spine throughout the day which keeps you happy, healthy and out of my clinic. Plus, it's the best singular exercise for lower back pain we've seen yet.”

-Mike Schinske, Occupational Therapist (Woodstock, IL)

“What really gives you stage presence are the two ‘P’s”: Poise and Posture. The BODY-ALINE has assured me perfect posture at all times.”

- Nicole Moneer, Fitness Competitor, 2009 Ms. Bikini Classic Champion

“The BODY-ALINE back exercise machine has been a Godsend for me & my husband. I can’t believe how we suffered all these years with lower back pain when just one simple exercise product was the cure! It certainly worked for us. I can’t thank you enough!”

- Phyllis Dilmore, Retired Social Worker (Green Valley, AZ)

“I used to spend an hour a week doing doctor prescribed lower back pain exercises at home, which felt more like an exercise in frustration cause I wasn’t feeling much better. It was lots of work with very little relief but your product gives me 10x the back workout in a tenth of the time and I’ve never felt better. Anyone with back pain and posture issues should try this machine before all the other stuff.”

- Rich Weeland, Machinist (Dearborn, MI)

“After trying just about everything for my upper and middle back pain the BODY-ALINE has become the ultimate back pain cure for me. A stronger back and better posture has made all the difference in the world for me. Thanks a million.”

- Andrew Barton, Office Manager (Rapid City, SD)

“I get adjusted once a month at the chiropractors, use an inversion table twice a week, and use the BODY-ALINE everyday and now I can say that I’m officially pain free. Severe lower back pain is no longer a factor in my life and you’re machine has been an integral part of that. Many thanks.”

- Howard Lattimer, Roofer (Greenville, AL)

“I never knew that my back pain and posture were so related until I read your site. But, like magic, once I started using your product I fixed the posture and the back pain went away. My clothes fit better too. Now I tell all my slouching friends about your wonderful back pain cure and posture fixer. Keep up the good work.

- Cindy Cepeda, Hair Colorist (Norwood, MA)

“I had severe lower back pain for the 10 years and pretty much tried everything except surgery. I’d also been pretty consistent in doing the lower back pain exercises doctors give you but nothing and I do mean NOTHING compares to your machine. My back hasn’t felt this good AND strong in a very long time and it’s a time saver. Outside of real heavy lifting I’m pretty much back to do everything I used to do and it’s much appreciated!

- John Jensen, Security (Saratoga, CA)